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At 2.9 metres long, Toucan is a two person, side-by-side quadricycle that easily achieves city traffic-pace speeds with human power enhanced by our patented smart thrust device. Optional electric assist motors and batteries increase the empty weight from 57kg to 79kg. Toucan is able to effect sharp turns by tilting in the desired direction or by turning the front wheels, alone or in unison, and returns to the front/upright position when no force is applied. It’s nigh impossible to roll, and corners better than any high-end Porsche or Ferrari.

Toucan’s XL upgrade, an array of low-tech, pure-mechanical devices makes it ideal for cleaner, greener 21st century commutes. Ultralight, emission free and incredibly fun at unheard of speeds!

A sensation of flying is evident as the vehicle whips in and out of a turn due to a planned feature correcting  G force imbalance. Aircraft style controls replaced handlebars to better mimic pitch and yaw.Quadoe Hyde Park

True Zero-Emission Stats using only the human legs and no outside power source is how we tested the Toucan in 2013 on a real-world road trial from London to Gibraltar. It is confirmed; one person alone can power a Toucan.

6 Speeds Forward, 1 Reverse is about all anyone needs in a fully rounded commuter vehicle. In more than three years of R&D, we discovered that a gear system most similar to petrol driven cars is best for a driver’s transition.

What Electric Assisted Means if you have a hill-climbing assist motor equal to 250W is that you don’t need a license plate or registration. Anything over that wattage requires an MOT, which Toucan XL is well capable of passing.

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XL’s Space Frame Flex-Chassis has racing grade Chromolybdenum as it’s base, topped with oak trim and tooled leather features. Industrial bearings at key pivot points and capsule flexing cogs are common supply chain bits.

Independent Suspension w/ Disc Brakes operated by one’s feet make this vehicle just as useful off-road as it is on. Larger, four-inch tyres increase the braking footprint and they’re able to easily traverse sandy or muddy terrain.


More Info: kits@tourde4s.com